Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back in my Shed!

I've had a bit of a break from my shed, mostly down to it being frozen up or just plain too cold to work in!  I miss being in there, listening to my radio though, so the recent thaw was very welcome!  I began work on this notebook cover back in December, but only got it finished recently.  What do you think?

I have also been making a start on two new Filofax-style organisers - 
The leather pockets have been temporarily gummed in place and now I need to punch lacing holes around the edges.  Then I will bring them into the caravan, pour myself a cuppa, get comfy and begin the long job of lacing the edges.  It's very satisfying, but it does take time!  There is usually a nice smell of beeswax in the caravan at this stage as I use plenty of beeswax to help grip the lacing needle as it's pulled through the layers of leather.  Once this stage is done, I can attach the metal six-ring clasp in the middle with strong rivets.  Another quick polish and they'll be all ready!
Horses are such beautiful, graceful animals.  You've probably guessed that this image is one of my favourites!
I love big, old trees and enjoyed carving this out freehand.  The leather I used for these two organisers has come out really speckled when the dye was applied which I like.  You really never know how a piece of leather is going to turn out until the dye is dried and you begin polishing it up!  I love that stage best as you get some wonderful surprises.
I recently got the chance to repair an old leather headcollar which gave me a little trip down memory lane.  It was through repairing broken leather saddlery for local riding schools, that I discovered decorative leather and learnt how to tool and carve it.  I used to get lots of repairs to do, lots of broken reins, torn headcollar cheek pieces and snapped buckles.  I once even mended the leather cuff of an artificial leg once which obviously had to be a rush job!!  I've also covered a steering wheel with leather, made a falconry gauntlet and repaired a long, plaited bullwhip!!  I wish I'd taken photos!  Mending broken saddlery is very tough on the fingers if you haven't done it for a while and I was suffering from thread cuts for a few days after tackling this job, but I was pleased with the results.
It's very satisfying to restore something back to working order again!
And here is a notebook that I finished last month, a little present to myself!


  1. This shed looks absolutely incredible! I think I could live in there because it looks so clean. Could you please provide more pictures?

    1. Haha, I'm afraid my shed is actually very scruffy Brendan! I share it with garden furniture and my chickens often bust in there too if I leave the door open! The top photo was taken on a day when I'd just tidied my work bench which is probably why I took the photo, as I couldn't believe how clean it looked either!

  2. Love the notebook and the tree picture :-)