Tuesday, 31 July 2012


At last, I've got my act together and I can now introduce my PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!  The first name to be drawn from the hat will receive this -
This little hand-tooled leather notebook measures 8 x 13cm and contains sixty pages of high quality, Windsor & Newton cartridge paper (110gsm) which have been stitched into the leather cover using waxed thread.
The notebook is tied with leather thonging which you can trim to suit.
Designed, carved, stamped, dyed and stitched by me and worth £20.  It's a perfect size for slipping into a handbag or coat pocket.

There is also a SECOND PRIZE for the second name that I draw out of the hat and here it is - 
A hand-tooled leather bookmark!
I've put a little length of thonging leather at the end because I always like to have something to twist and twiddle round my fingers when I'm reading a good book!!

So, what do you have to do to enter this prize draw?  If you are on Facebook, then I would love you to go to my Leathercraft page and 'Like' my shop as I'm trying to increase the 'Likes' on this page.  Here's the link - Pippa Dore Hand-Tooled Leathercraft.   

If you'd rather leave a message here instead though, that would be great and if you have any comments or suggestions that would be even better!!  Either way, your name will go into the hat and the prize draw will take place on

Tuesday 14th August 2012 

I can post anywhere in the world!!

Best of luck!!! xx


  1. You know I already like your things - and not just on facebook :-) I hope you do really well xx

  2. Facebook have funny rules about competitions. Best get people to leave comments here after they've liked your facebook page,

    By the way, I love your things, so beautifully made.

  3. How wonderful - your work is just lovely and whoever wins is a very lucky person!

  4. Ooh, what a fab give-away. Off to share your facebook page :o)

  5. Not sure what happened there, just commented but it went away :-( Love your work as you know - and so does my son with his special key ring :-) just off to shout out on fb for you - please pop me in your hat xxx

  6. Hi, sorry not on FB but could get my mum to 'like' you : ) Your work is lovely! Sian x

  7. Ah what a generous giveaway, I will like you on fb now :)

  8. Hi Pippa,
    What a pretty little notebook! I already have my eye on one for my Mum for Christmas, she loves them after showing her your page, and I am a great admirer as you know. Its very generous of you to giveaway something you have worked so hard on, I have my fingers crossed xx