Friday, 3 August 2012

Some of My Favourite Handmade Shops - Part Two

Here are a few more of my favourite online shops -
Here is Lively Sheep which I discovered recently on Etsy.  These fairies are really beautiful and each of my girls has one hanging up in her bedroom.  I love the small details that makes each fairy unique.  They would make a lovely gift for a little (or not so little!) girl.

This is Caractacus Pots where I have bought quite a few of my chunky mugs from.  The pottery is all hand thrown on a potters wheel and is very cosy to wrap your hands around!
And speaking of lovely, hand-thrown pottery, here is Little Wren Pottery which is another of my favourites.  This shop has some gorgeous bowls and canisters and I have promised myself a set of 'tea', 'coffee' and 'sugar' canisters with swallows on when we finally build a house.

There you go, another three of my favourite hand made online shops, I will be adding more every so often as I love browsing Etsy and the likes and discovering new places.  Don't forget to enter my blog giveaway if you haven't already and thank you to those of you who have 'liked' my Facebook page, it's been lovely to log on and see all the 'likes' I've received!  I'm a bit new to Facebook and took a bit of persuading to create a shop page, so it's been a confidence boost to see the 'likes' and messages.  All the names from here and from Facebook are going into my hat and the closing date is 14th August. xxxx


  1. Hi, I've added you to my blogroll : ) hope that's okay. Would love to open my own etsy shop soon(ish) have to winkle my son off my wheel first, sewing machine too come to think of it!

    1. Thank you BBH!! Yes, my Etsy shop has given me a lot of fun and a reason to make things!! Let me know when you open a shop won't you! x