Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn Leaves

We've been away for a break recently and while walking in woodland, I picked up some leaves and did lots of wax leaf rubbings with them.  This is a really great way to pick out the veins and textures of each leaf (as well as being childishly fun to see the picture appear!  Go on, you try it, it's very relaxing!). 

I then picked out the clearest leaf rubbings and traced the outline onto tracing film.
And once I'd transferred the details onto the leather, I carved them out and dyed them!  So each leather leaf is a pretty direct copy of an original woodland leaf!  These two leaves would look great as part of a seasonal display. 
Here are some that I carved out and are waiting to be dyed.  A mixture of Sweet Chestnut, Field Maple, Oak and Hawthorn leaves!  This will be a personal organiser when it's finished.
And here it is after being dyed and waxed!  This is the exciting part, when you start to see how the finished item will look.  Just needs to have lacing holes punched, a strap attached, to be lined with suede, pockets cut, edges laced and clip attached and it's all ready!!  Better get my skates on!

I love using leaves in my designs and of course everywhere I go now, I have my nose to the concrete, looking for interesting leaves to pick up. 


  1. Lovely use of the natural world to make such stunning items. Love them!

  2. I really like these - simple but oh so effective and beautiful x

  3. Lovely : )
    that's going to be a great personal organiser!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE leaves xx