Friday, 29 June 2012

Some of my Favourite Handmade Shops - Part One

Well, I was going to photograph some things that I have been making, but my computer has been taken away (more like rescued from cruelty!) by the computer doctor as it choked to death on dust a few days ago. Which means that I can't upload any photos or get my shop any closer to being re-opened until it's returned. I'm itching to get my shop back open again, I miss the whole Etsy community and being a part of it, but I suppose this will teach me to dust the poor computer every now and then. So, for now, I'm going to steal an idea from Shell's blog and show you some of my favourite online shops. So, get yourself a cuppa (make me one while you're at it) and enjoy -

First up is this great shop - Handmade Haven. I have bought several lovely cards and I have a regular stash of gorgeous cold-pressed soaps from here on my dressing table. They look almost too pretty to use and make the room smell lovely and add a bit of luxury to my bathroom! They are very special because they don't make my sensitive skin flare up either. Lots of lovely hand-sewn gifts in this shop too - I use my cloth bags regularly.

Here is Under Rainbows and if you have little girls, they will just adore this shop. I have my two little girls with their noses glued to the screen when I'm browsing this shop and they've already put their orders in!! I know that I would have LOVED a doll from here when I was little.

Here is Castle On The Hill. I bought a great birthday present from this shop for a young Jane Austen fan who was happily studying 'Pride & Prejudice' for her GCSEs. The artist paints really stunning portraits of the book's key characters, but instead of using plain paper, they are painted onto the pages from the book, so it's almost like the characters have leapt up from the pages and come to life. When we eventually build a house, I have put one of the originals on my wishlist as I am a big Jane Austen fan.

There you go, I will let you go and browse these lovely shops and I will show you a few more of my favourites when I next blog. xx


  1. I love all the shops above. I would love to have a doll for my little Tabs too. I also love the painting of Alice in Wonderland. Wish I had some spare spending money this month!

  2. Thank you for to have a look round those other shops now :o) xxx

  3. wow thanks for your lovely link to my shop :-)