Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hello and welcome to my new blog!!

This is the place where I will focus on the craft side of my life, including the leathercraft things that I make for my shop.  I may sneak in the odd bit of other creative stuff when I get the time to do it, such as bits of sewing and gardening too.  I love creative things and this will be the place for me to record them.  

I also want to celebrate the crafting of other talented folks out there.  I love browsing Etsy and have found some wonderful shops and I'd like to share them here too because in this age of mass-produced goods, we really need to support the unique, hand-crafted things that you will never find duplicated anywhere else in the world.  I have set up a list of my favourite online hand-craft shops on the side of this blog and I hope to add lots more shops to this list along the way.

As for my own Etsy shop, well the plan was to close it for a few months to give me lots of time to enjoy the Summer.  HA!!!  What Summer??  It has rained more or less constantly, so all my fancy plans of lounging around the garden, painting my shed and generally soaking up the rays have had cold water poured on them, literally!  I have been making lots of things and trying out new designs though and I am almost ready to open my shop again, a little earlier than originally planned, hopefully at the beginning of next month.  I will let you know the date and I want to launch the reopening with a little giveaway, so get ready!!

Here I am, beavering away in my beloved little shed.  I never did get round to installing electricity or lighting, but hopefully I'll have something fixed for Winter as it gets more than a little parky in here!  If I got electricity, I could have a kettle, which means I could have Pot Noodles while I work!! 

I'm looking forward to getting my shop opened again, but first I need to sit down and study the new postage rates and adjust some prices.  I don't like this bit of shopkeeping I have to say, but it's a necessary evil as I tend to forget how much the postage costs mount up, both on raw materials that I've ordered and pieces that I'm posting.  I'm looking forward to taking my shop off 'vacation mode' though and getting some feedback on the things I've been making!
So that's all for now.  I hope you like this new blog and thank you for dropping by! xx


  1. Fabulous...glad your back blogging :o)

    Loving the new designs too


  2. Woohoo! Pippa's back!! Love all your things, such a talent :) Looking forward to seeing your shop up and running again. xx

  3. I LOVE the swallow, you are one talented lady! So pleased you've found the time to blog again, hope I can make time again soon too xxx

  4. Jusy love the banner photo shot! You'll have to definitely sort electricity, then you'll be able to have a brew whilst you work and the pot noodles too!!

    Lovely, happy picture of you too.